RoboSub 2017


Total In Water Time:


   As Of: 7/20/2016

  1. Learning
    The teams first and core effort is education. To that end the team has worked with on campus organizations to develop robotics education. The team has two dedicated capstone teams, who developed custom electronics. By collaborating with professors course curriculum is more applicable to the team. Finally the team developed and hosts tutorials, open to all Students.
  2. Midcap Design
    The entire mechanical system was built from the ground up, complimenting the advanced sensor package. The team implemented the popular midcap design with a periscope to house an Occam Omni60 a 360° panoramic camera. The vehicle's frame was designed to optimise weight, and strength using FEA verification. Custom carbon composite enclosures reducing cost & weight.
  3. New Backplane
    A senior capstone team spent the year developing a modular backplane solution for the vehicle's power and control systems. Integrated power and control systems through the single backplane, greatly reduces the amount of cabling and increases system reliability. The backplane enables quickly replacing motor control and power boards. All forming the foundations a robust system.
  4. Nortek DVL
    The New Nortek DVL, improves navigation and control. Our most advanced sensor package yet, boasts 9 hydrophones 7 cameras, 3 IMUs, 2 Pressure Transducers, and the Nortek DVL. Our sensor package gives the vehicle unique sensing capabilities, panoramic vision, beam-forming localization Sadly the 360° Omni6 camera, was stolen; we hope to get a replacement in time.
  5. Hydrophones
    The teams 9 hydrophone array uses a novel beamforming teachnique to localize the pinger in 3 dimensions. Through development including graduate and senior electrical and computer engineering students, a analogue preprocesing and ADC board was developed. The digitised signal is read in by a FPGA. The FPGA determines the 3d location of the pinger relative to the vehicle.
  6. ROS Software
    Caution Under Construction! The software system is under continuous development. This close to competition the software team is very hard at work. As soon as one of our software engineers is available, they will be by to clean this up. Thank you for your patience.


  • 100+ Bespoke Components 
  • 4 Custom Carbon Fiber Housings 
  • 6 Degrees Of Freedom
  • 8 Thrusters
  • 9 hydrophones 
  • 360° Horizontal Field of View
  • 120° Downward Field of View
  • Forward Gap Filling Camera
  • 7 Cameras Total
  • 8 Valve Pneumatic System 
  • 2 Hot Swappable LiPo Batteries
  • 2.6GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Nortek DVL
  • Modular Custom Backplane 

2017 Journal Paper